Automatic Control Device for Mine Intelligent auxiliary Fan

Automatic Control Device for Mine Intelligent auxiliary Fan

Mine auxiliary made wind pipe card system is to protect the mine safety production will need to provide a one – machine is multi-purpose, high efficiency and energy saving, automatic control device, it implements the mine auxiliary system on risk control system and the integration of auxiliary ventilation machine, at the same time auxiliary ventilation system with luxury machine through the special design, supporting axle temperature monitor, and other monitoring signal with self-service access to the PLC control system, For closed loop control, changed the domestic partial ventilator running “- the wind” no effective monitoring of the status quo of the mine safe and efficient operation and effective management and equipment organic union, which changes the ore and in working face by the damage of gas, while improves the safe operation of equipment, has guaranteed the mine safety production efficiently.

The system is composed of auxiliary fan, variable whisker speed regulating device, intelligent control and air distributor.

Function Description:

The SYSTEM IS COMPOSED OF FREQUENCY CONVERSION GOVERNOR AND AUTOMATIC CONTROL system, external gas concentration sensor and main and standby auxiliary ventilation machine, which can realize the automatic adjustment of ventilator speed according to the set gas concentration value, and achieve the purpose of quantitative ventilation on demand.

At the same time, the purpose of automatic switching between special power supply line and standby power supply line, main fan and standby fan is also realized. In lane to mention into speed control device to ensure that carry into the working face has plenty of fresh wind and considered safe for the conditions prescribed by the gas concentration is not more than, control bureau fan speed control operation, in accordance with the need for the wind, make energy-saving economic operation bureau fan, inhibit into working face of coal dust float in the sky, as a result of too much wind speed and improve the working environment, the optimization of auxiliary ventilation system.

When the gas in the tunneling face is abnormal gusher out or the auxiliary fan fault stops the wind and other reasons cause the gas accumulation in the working face exceeds the limit, the speed regulating device to ensure that the gas concentration in the mixing air does not exceed the prescribed safety value for the condition of automatic control, safe, reliable and efficient discharge of the excess gas. The speed regulating device is a kind of multi-purpose, high-efficiency and energy-saving automatic control device provided for the safety production of coal mine.

Independent innovation point (or integrated innovation point)

The device can adjust the fan speed automatically according to the set gas concentration value, and achieve the purpose of quantitative ventilation on demand. At the same time, the special power supply line and the standby power supply line, the main fan and the standby fan are automatically switched

1 achieve soft start, avoid “blow”

Fan speed can be controlled, air volume can be adjusted; The full pressure start of the fan is soft start, so it can avoid the flow of the fan and reduce the impact on the power grid and the fan. Full pressure start caused by the “blow” phenomenon. The frequency conversion start does not have the large impact current 3-5 times when the full voltage start

2 energy saving ventilation

Fruit. The power P of the motor is proportional to the third square of the speed n (P1 / P2 = (N1 / N2) 3), and the speed is proportional to the frequency F. Therefore, reducing the frequency can greatly reduce the output power and achieve energy saving under the premise of meeting the air volume of the working face

3 Reduce the workload of replacing the fan

After the speed regulating device is adopted, the wind energy can be realized by installing only a auxiliary fan with sufficient air volume in the whole process of driving. The demand for increasing quantity from small to large. Because the auxiliary fan does not need to be replaced frequently, the time, cost and labor of switching fans can be saved, and the electricity consumed by the fan running at rated speed for a long time can be greatly saved.



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