How to test the centrifugal fan, what are the operation steps?

When testing the fan, read the product manual carefully and check whether the wiring mode is consistent with the wiring diagram; carefully check whether the working voltage of the fan power supply meets the requirements, whether the power supply is out of phase or in phase, and whether the capacity of electrical components meets the requirements.
Decent recommends no less than two people during the test run, one person controls the power supply, and one person observes the operation of the fan. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, stop the machine immediately for inspection; first check whether the rotation direction is correct; after the centrifugal fan starts running, directly check whether the operating current of each phase is balanced , Whether the current is greater than the rated current; if there is any abnormal phenomenon, stop the machine for inspection. After running for five minutes, stop the machine to check whether there is any abnormality in the fan, and then start it up after confirming that there is no abnormality.
Decent Machinery check before starting:
1. Check whether the anchor bolts, the main body of the fan, the accessories and the connecting parts of the pipeline are fastened, whether the bolts and nuts are evenly locked, and avoid local over-tightening or over-loosening.
2. Check whether there are foreign objects inside the centrifugal fan and the pipeline, if tools or other sundries are forgotten during the installation process; whether there are unsafe factors near the inlet and outlet of the fan, such as objects that are easy to be sucked or blown off, if any , it is recommended to clear.
3. For fans with water-cooled bearings, check whether the water supply of the cooling water pipeline is normal.
4. For fans with couplings or belt drives, check whether the couplings or pulleys are installed reliably and whether the tension of the V-belt is appropriate.
Test machine:
After going through the above procedures and confirming that all items are normal, the fan can be started for trial operation.
1.  Please turn on the power switch for 3 to 6 seconds and cut it off immediately to confirm whether the airflow direction of the fan and the rotation direction of the impeller are correct; pay attention to observe whether there are abnormal sounds and vibrations. If there is an abnormal situation, the unit should be re-checked and corrected according to the process as mentioned above, and then the test run should be carried out.
2. Generally, when the centrifugal fan is started, the instantaneous current of the motor is 5 to 7 times its rated current, and then gradually decreases and stabilizes. If the current drop speed is too slow, stop running and check the power supply system of the motor.
3. For fans equipped with regulating doors, the degree of opening and closing should be gradually adjusted to an appropriate flow rate after starting up. At the same time, attention should be paid to changes in current to ensure that the motor is running without load.

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